With our experience and expert plumbers, we are able to professionally undertake installations as well as fix plumbing problems should they arise. In the past year we have been asked to undertake a range of plumbing projects including:

Bathrooms. A new bathroom can transform the quality of living in your house. A luxurious bathroom does not have to be just for those in new homes. We provide a project-managed service from beginning to end listening to what you want, suggesting how to perhaps improve your ideas and installing a new bathroom that exceeds your initial expectations.

We can also make improvements to existing bathrooms eg with the installation of a new shower. Often by keeping the showing tray and installing a new surround can make a big difference for a small outlay.

Repairs – WC’s, cisterns, showers, blockages, gas boilers, leaky taps; you name it, we can fix it.

Water Softeners – Water softening is the removal of magnesium and calcium minerals from your water supply through a process of ion-exchange. The softened water that’s then produced is kinder to skin, doesn’t leave limescale build up on pipes, appliances or any surfaces around your home; meaning it shines for longer.

The benefits to having a water softener are cheaper bills, household appliances last longer will be more efficient and last longer, products lather better.

Many homes in and surrounding Fleet, suffer from hard water caused by lime content, which can also damage materials and fittings in your home. With numerous benefits, including lengthening the shelf life of your bathroom, improving your central heating and hot water system, water softeners are an investment worth considering.

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