Today, more than ever people are thinking about how to heat their homes in an economic and environmentally friendly way. They are turning to heat pumps and solar panels as means of providing cost-effective heat for their homes.

The heat pumps’ and solar panels’ energy efficiency rates coupled with their eco-friendliness, makes these the perfect choice for those who are concerned about the impact they make on the environment while looking to get the best return on their initial investment. In order to make the most out of energy sources that to a certain extent are available in an endless supply, a combination of solar energy generating appliances and ground source heat obtaining pumps is favoured.

The Benefits of a Solar Panel & Heat Pump combination are:

  • Provide a full-scale heating in the winter.
  • Provide air conditioning during summer, at a lower energy consumption rate.
  • Ensure a degree of flexibility in terms of how the heat is generated, whereas the ground source heat pump’s output would not be affected by the outside weather conditions.
  • In the summer, the ground source heat pump would discard the excess of heat produced by the solar collectors and store a part of it for the winter.

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